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Kenneth Cluck kc3 at colorado.usa.com
Thu Aug 6 23:37:32 CDT 2009

 A petition that made Microsoft apologize? Okay I'm as anti-microsoft as
the next Linux user lol (well the average one) but what they've done,
though questionable was still legal and I can't really blame them for
business practices that are well, good for their business. If there's
issues than well, it's not directly with them.

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  Hello Ubuntu Community, I'd like to make several petitions promoting
  Linux. These are GOOOOD! I've seen one petition that caused m$ to
  apologize. I searched through other Linux petitions and realized,
  these things have already came true what they were petitioning after
  the time they were written.

  The problem is that when I try to use that free website to create a
  petition and hit the submit button, I am taken to a blank cgi page. I
  have tried with Epiphany Web Browser, Firefox 3.x, and Chromium.
  someone try doing a test petition or a real one and let me know if
  it's a problem on my end or problem with their server? Thanks.

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