[SATLUG] smallest/lowest power/cost server build

jaret jaret at aberlorn.com
Tue Aug 11 09:07:24 CDT 2009

Alex Bartonek wrote:
> I've been thinking about getting something real small, mini-itx or Atom based.  I know how much power my server uses (I dont have kill-a-watt to check it with).  Would a mini-itx or atom based system with a laptop hd be less of a power hog?  Its not killing the budget but I wouldnt mind having something with a smaller footprint.
I've been using a $140 Atom book-size, 60W, 1.6MGhz, and added on 2G 
Ram, dual 750G hard-drive (using regular hard drives and not laptop 
hds). It runs very quiet and I've notice no lag in accessing the drive 
remotely or for services, web or file. I use it internally. I'm using it 
with Ubuntu Server. I'm very satisfied with the Atom and recently bought 
a second one.

I also have a Via C7 mini-itx book-size and b/c of the hardware 1.2 
MGhz, I can tell a definite speed difference in starting up. Once 
everything is loaded in memory runs fast and fine. The on-board Lan 
worked with Debian and Ubuntu installs.

Also watch out that nic driver's won't bite you later on. I bought a lan 
extension card for the Via, which is based on Realtek 82110SC net chip, 
and the card is yet to be recognized by Linux. Google's solutions were 


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