[SATLUG] Does i386 mean i386 anymore?

FIRESTORM_v1 firestorm.v1 at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 14:53:32 CDT 2009

Hello Satluggers...

I'm in a real bind here and am hoping that someone can share some
advice on what is needed to get-r-dun. :P

I downloaded and installed CentOS5 (i386) onto a hard drive for my
Neoware CA-5 and when I put it in the Neoware, it was caught in a boot
loop.  Right after grub would load the initrd for the kernel, it'd

I did some research on this and it ends up that the issue is that the
kernel is compiled for i686 and not i386. I managed to get the Neoware
to run after installing Ubuntu Server 9.04 (x86) on it but was wanting
something more Red-Hat ish on this device.

Are we now at an era where a distro that is advertised as being i386?
I know it's possible to compile the kernel for everything from a
toaster to a supercomputing cluster and remember the fun of setting up
Redhat 6.2 on many an embedded device but then again, that was ages
ago and things have changed.. a lot.

Has anyone else run across this situation regarding embedded (non
beige-box) situations?  What do you recommend for a device with no
CDROM/Floppy and (to my dismay) does not network boot.  What are your
experiences with working with embedded class devices?


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