[SATLUG] Meeting

steve kolars bkfuth at gmail.com
Wed Aug 12 16:36:28 CDT 2009

Come down 35.  After you pass the Rittiman Rd and the 410 cutoff get in next
to the leftmost lane--and stay there.  As you begin to come into downtown
San Antonio (and you are still in the second leftmost lane) the road splits
to upper and lower decks.  You will be in the right lane of the lower deck.
The very first exit will have a sign for San Antonio College.  Take the very
first exit.  Stay on the access road (right most lane) until you get to San
Pedro Ave.  Turn right on San Sedro Ave.  You will now be headed north on
San Pedro Ave.  Stay in the rightmost lane.  You will go several blocks
until you get to W. Park.  The VIA main office will be on your left, and you
will have just past a Bill Miller BBQ on your right.  Turn right on W.
Park.  Make the second left into the parking lot on your left.  The two
story brick building with construction going on is the Nail Technical
Center.  If you look up there is a large aluminum number 6 on the end of the
building.  The meeting will be in room 213A.  Top floor, southeast corner.
Park anywhere reasonable, except handicapped spaces--unless you have a
handicapped pass.  If you get lost my cell number is (210) 414-9779.


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