[SATLUG] Google Voice details...

Geoff geofff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Thu Aug 13 09:52:29 CDT 2009

Enrique Sanchez wrote:
>> I live in Houston, now.  After all this talk about google voice, I
>> signed up for an invite.  Got it.  Got the number I wanted.
>> and it's a 210 number.  Here in my apartment in Houston, I have a 281
>> area code number.  My two cell phones are still both 210 numbers.
>> ATT *made* me get a pots line when we got DSL.  There's nothing on it.
>> No callerID, call-waiting, long distance, nuttin'.  so, I can't call
>> anyone up here except for local area codes (713, 281, 832).  That's what
>> cell phones are for.
>> So...  guess I'll just have to sign up for another invite with a
>> different gmail address and get a 281 number.
> why? is it calling from a 210 number so bad?

Re-read, Ric... I don't have long distance, callerID, wall-waiting,
nuttin', on the Houston 281- number phone.  The Google number i have
-now- is a 210 number.  I can't call my 210 number from my 281 number,
because the POTS line has -no- added features on it, least of off, Long

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