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Luis Garza luis at luisgarza.com
Thu Aug 13 10:13:30 CDT 2009

You can go to google.com/voice.  Click on call.  Enter in the 10 digit phone number.  Select HOME.  

What it will do is call you at home.  Once you pickup, it will call the 10 digit phone number.

Sorry about the top post.  That's how yahoo does it.

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Enrique Sanchez wrote:
>> I live in Houston, now.  After all this talk about google voice, I
>> signed up for an invite.  Got it.  Got the number I wanted.
>> and it's a 210 number.  Here in my apartment in Houston, I have a 281
>> area code number.  My two cell phones are still both 210 numbers.
>> ATT *made* me get a pots line when we got DSL.  There's nothing on it.
>> No callerID, call-waiting, long distance, nuttin'.  so, I can't call
>> anyone up here except for local area codes (713, 281, 832).  That's what
>> cell phones are for.
>> So...  guess I'll just have to sign up for another invite with a
>> different gmail address and get a 281 number.
> why? is it calling from a 210 number so bad?

Re-read, Ric... I don't have long distance, callerID, wall-waiting,
nuttin', on the Houston 281- number phone.  The Google number i have
-now- is a 210 number.  I can't call my 210 number from my 281 number,
because the POTS line has -no- added features on it, least of off, Long

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