[SATLUG] Google Voice details...

Geoff geofff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Thu Aug 13 23:44:20 CDT 2009

Luis Garza wrote:
> Re-read, Ric... I don't have long distance, callerID, wall-waiting,
> nuttin', on the Houston 281- number phone.  The Google number i have
> -now- is a 210 number.  I can't call my 210 number from my 281 number,
> because the POTS line has -no- added features on it, least of off, Long
> distance.
>> You can go to google.com/voice.  Click on call.  Enter in the 10 digit phone number.  Select HOME.  
>> What it will do is call you at home.  Once you pickup, it will call the 10 digit phone number.

That's what I do, when I'm at home.  If the computer(s) are busy doing
something else, and I want to make a call, I want to be able to pick up
my Houston 281- number POTS, call the yet-to-be-determined 281-google
number, and call where i want, from the POTS.

You can get away from top posting in Yahoo.  cut-n-paste works in most
any gui, regardless of flavor.


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