[SATLUG] NoSquint Firefox add-on

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Fri Aug 14 11:27:30 CDT 2009

Cheryl Holmes wrote:

> Another friend told me abt this add-on and it appears to be very helpful for
> sight impaired ppl like me and Herb.  Maybe you know someone who can benefit
> from using it too.

I've used it, and for the most part it's okay.  The biggest issue for me is 
that when it zooms graphics, they don't look so good.  But when it zooms 
only the text portion, it can cause the page to be re-formatted into 
something that ranges from slightly different from what it is supposed to 
look like (and therefore only slightly annoying), to something that is 
completely useless.  And it doesn't do anything at all with Flash-based content.

It's not (yet) compatible with Firefox 3.5, however.  If you're still on the 
3.0* versions, and you're aware of the other limitations, it should work 
fine.  Otherwise, I just use the built-in zooming features found in my OS, 
so that I can choose when to zoom in and when to zoom back out, all by just 
holding down a modifier key and scrolling the mouse.

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