[SATLUG] NoSquint Firefox add-on

Brad Knowles brad at shub-internet.org
Fri Aug 14 12:01:38 CDT 2009

Cheryl Holmes wrote:

> thanks for the info Brad.  I didn't know these things abt it.  I am just
> trying to figure out a way I can still see text online...I love to read and
> research things.

Understood.  And if you don't have any better options, then this is clearly 
much better than the alternatives.  ;-)

> I see NoSquint says it's Beta..
> I don't know how to use the zoom feature you're speaking of.  I really do
> appreciate your help..cheryl

It depends on your OS.  On MacOS X, you can turn on "Universal Access", and 
then by default you can use <option><command><equals/plus> to zoom in, and 
<option><command><minus/underbar> to zoom back out, as well as holding down 
the <control> key and using the mouse ball or scroll wheel to scroll up or 
down.  There are lots of other Universal Access features you can turn on, 
but the zoom function is the only one I use.

I know that somewhat similar features are available on some other platforms, 
but I don't know enough about them to tell you how to use them.

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