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Thu Aug 20 18:39:41 CDT 2009

> The Blog is updated, and there is just one last day to vote, so hurry
> and get your opinion in. Also it has been updated with new content.
> The author who goes by the alias Aerol, wants someone to correct his
> regex in Python. He knows the answer. It's just a test to see if you
> have learned.

Here are the results of the poll for the Next Blog Topic. It just
finished today.

Computer Jargon Definitions
  5 (33%)

How to synchronize all of your calendars in Windows, Linux, and Mobile Phone
  1 (6%)

Breaking into your own Wireless Network with all types of Encryption/Security
  1 (6%)

Blocking advertisements in Google Chrome and Linux Chromium
  0 (0%)

Magic Jack in Linux and use of it with Skype
  3 (20%)

Regular Expressions with egrep and Bash
  1 (6%)

Safely rebooting a frozen system
  2 (13%)

Breaking passwords with John The Ripper Clusters
  6 (40%)

How to use your webcam as a security motion detecting camera in Linux
  2 (13%)

IMAP + GMail + Mutt or Epiphany
  0 (0%)

How to boost the performance of your computer with Striping RAID and
  1 (6%)

How to have a POWERFUL Wifi setup that can connect a mile away
  5 (33%)

Best way to do automated backups
  4 (26%)

Votes so far: 15
Poll closed

So Breaking passwords with John The Ripper Clusters won, so today and
some Linux and *nix buddies started to setup the John The Ripper
Cluster over a virtual private network and communicating with psi in
our own Jabber Conference room. For a while, I was stumped, but
determined to make this work because I kept getting the message "No
password hashes loaded". I tried manually creating the file with hash
for JTR to break, creating it with unshadow, and several other
attempts to make this work, so I finally put into google the "No
password hashes loaded". What I found out is since the md5 hash
exploit which means you can get any password from an md5 hash, Ubuntu
has upgraded their hashes in the /etc/shadow to SHA2. Now, there are
going to be a lot of disappointed people :( . I may just need to go
with the next most popular vote. This email is a few months old, so I
need to do an svn checkout or a git clone, and see what progress they
have made as well as getting on the mailing list and asking there.


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