[SATLUG] 1st Q? - RAID5 quit working - Attempting recovery #2

Herb Cee hc at lookcee.com
Fri Aug 21 16:05:29 CDT 2009

David Labens wrote:
> Freezing the drive?  Funny that should be mentioned.  I JUST NOW finished repairing DSL at a customer's home, and HE suggested that freezing the drive might make it work.  However, he explained that the read would need to be completed by the time the drive thaws out and before the moisture inside condenses.  Considering it's 250 gb, I'm inclined to think that it would thaw faster than it could be fully read.  HOWEVER, I would consider that as an option of last resort.  
> I'd never heard of such a thing till today, then from two different sources!  
> Freezing causes everything to shrink JUST ENOUGH to let it move freely.  However, I don't think moving components are the problem.  "I don't think." - which may be a problem!

I have to disagree David I think the moving parts are what almost always 
fails the drive by wear or a slight defect causing a slight wobble to 
happen and when you consider those disk are whirling around a fixed 
center and the arm of the RW head has a different center and has to move 
the full length of the arm travel holding a tolerance less than a cig 
paper thick .... Sam thinks that way too because that is the purpose of 
putting the drive at a diff angle letting gravity and force work from a 
different direction. I think its a bloody miracle of engineering to get 
it to work at all.

>> Also you might try putting the bad harddrive in different positions (ie, upside down, sideways) to see if that helps with getting the data off of it.
>> Sam
> Sam would freezing the drive maybe help since many have had success with that trick. I dunno, never had to use it
> herb
David I am watching this episode very closely and i truly think you are 
in good hands. You also have more patience than I and I sure hope it 
pays off for you.

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