[SATLUG] Pidgin now supports voice and video

Christopher Lemire christopher.lemire at gmail.com
Sat Aug 22 16:05:22 CDT 2009

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(03:56:31 PM) good_bye300: google has just made improvements to youtube again
(03:56:32 PM) enigma_pentagram: HEY..do u have any idea that Pidgin
now supports video and audio conv.s??
(03:56:39 PM) good_bye300: they are in such active development lately
(03:56:46 PM) good_bye300: no way
(03:56:48 PM) good_bye300: seriously
(03:56:56 PM) enigma_pentagram: check the official site
(03:57:01 PM) good_bye300: ok
(03:57:03 PM) good_bye300: wow
(03:57:09 PM) good_bye300: i will compile immediately and test
(03:57:10 PM) enigma_pentagram: not in all protocols of course
(03:57:14 PM) enigma_pentagram: XMMP
(03:57:24 PM) good_bye300: they had better
(03:57:29 PM) good_bye300: or they will lose in competition
(03:57:31 PM) enigma_pentagram: which is a perfect start indeed
(03:57:39 PM) good_bye300: empathy and kopete already do this
(03:57:48 PM) good_bye300: empathy voice and vid for xmmp
(03:58:06 PM) good_bye300: kopete, voice or vid i think for yahoo and aol
(03:58:12 PM) good_bye300: amsn, voice and vid for msn
(03:58:22 PM) good_bye300: pidgin, was nothing
(03:58:33 PM) enigma_pentagram: though i prefer Pidgin
(03:59:10 PM) good_bye300: i prefer because of so much patches and
plugin support
(03:59:12 PM) good_bye300: otherwise
(03:59:49 PM) good_bye300: empathy if it could do plugins/patches that
pidgin does and iChat themed convos that kopete does
(04:00:20 PM) good_bye300: it actually does do a themed iChat but very basic
(04:00:26 PM) good_bye300: no where near that of kopete
(04:00:28 PM) enigma_pentagram: wat is convo man?
(04:00:34 PM) good_bye300: conversation
(04:00:42 PM) enigma_pentagram: oh ..ok
(04:01:00 PM) good_bye300: im getting via svn
(04:01:03 PM) good_bye300: pidgin
(04:01:20 PM) good_bye300: this is going to make headlines fast
(04:01:22 PM) good_bye300: wow
(04:01:29 PM) good_bye300: in the linux community

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