[SATLUG] RAID5 & ddrescue

Herb Cee hc at lookcee.com
Sun Aug 23 12:04:58 CDT 2009

David Labens wrote:
> Herb, 
> THAT is exactly how I feel!  It's interesting to note that I built my OS on an 80 gb drive that was /dev/sda - at the time.  I had no other drives connected.  Without changing where /sda was connected, I then connected the other 4 drives for the RAID5 array, and suddently the system wouldn't boot - because the 80 gb drive was no longer the boot drive, and I had to reset bios to make it that way, AND, my OS drive was suddenly /sdd !!!
> I'm in the midst of the epiphany that the /sd# is not hardware specific except in relation to whatever else happens to be connected AT THAT MOMENT.  But, using:
> smartctl -a /dev/sd# 
> means I can see what the /sd# is, size drive and serial number, so I'm able to identify it from looking at it.
> But, at least I'm gaining the knowledge & tools to deal with it!
Yes David I felt you hadda be feeling that way. I agree with your 
learning and I am learning with you. I recently upgraded both my boxes 
on my little network and I bought 4 - 200G SATA HDs with the intention 
of setting up a Raid 5 but in reading all the specs tips forums etc I 
bogged down and decided I was getting in way over my head if things went 
S. I decided not to go RAID and I am just keeping a manual backup 
duplication but I do intend to automate it. I have a 3rd box that I am 
gonna add on also and keep all 3 synced at some point.... maybe that is 
... lol Linux is so amazing but quite daunting for a non-programmer
Break a leg with your recovery man you deserve to win this one.

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