[SATLUG] new wireless router

Greg Swift gregswift at gmail.com
Sun Aug 23 13:09:42 CDT 2009

so I used to stay up on these things (some of you know I used to support an
ISP) but lately I've been in a more "corporate" environment and supporting
home networking hasn't been something I've had to keep up with.  I've got a
Netgear WNR834M (its one of their draft-N boxes) and I've been having issues
with it for a while now.  My primary desktop that accesses it is using a
Netgear abgn card.  I can't remember the model, but it works fairly well
under Fedora 11.  I know that Atheros has been contributing code fairly
actively lately, so I'm hoping oneday the N side of the card will actually
work.  Anyways... I'm looking for a new wireless router.  Preferably with a
built in switch and 802.11n capability.  It would be kind of kewl if it was
one of the ones that either comes with linux on it, or supports being
re-flashed.  Any recommendations?

Here is the info for my wireless card:

$ lspci | grep Ath
06:02.0 Network controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR5008 Wireless
Network Adapter (rev 01)



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