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redpill toddwbucy at grandecom.net
Sun Aug 23 20:36:23 CDT 2009

Cherly do you have a video card in this box which requires extra power
from the power supply?

also have you tested the voltages coming out of the Power supply?

Is this a overclocking board if so check the memory settings these can
be a nightmare if not configured properly.


On Sun, 2009-08-23 at 18:24 -0700, David Labens wrote:
> Cheryl,
> If you are turning it on, and nothing is happening, then something really, REALLY basic is out of kilter (no raisings of the kilts, guys!).  In my own troubleshooting processes, I'd start by looking at the very most basic things.  This may sound a bit too basic, but here is where I start, so as to leave no stone unturned, and to find it at it's most basic level...
> Before I go through the process, I'd consider the evidence.  If you don't have a drive connected, it should STILL count bytes and show you that there is no boot disk.  If there's no video card, it should beep at you or SOMETHING.  So, I'd start at the VERY beginnings and work my way up from there.  This may seem very far beneath your level of skill, but it's where I go/start, even after 31 years of computer experience, to solve this exact kind of problem.
> First, IS it really plugged in.  The CPU has a power cord that plugs into the back of the CPU and the electrical outlet on the wall (or surge protector).  Disconnect it from both ends and then reconnect it.  Try to get it to power-up.
> Next, look at the power supply on the back of the box.  SOME of them have an extra on-off toggle switch that cuts off all power even going to the power supply.  If THAT switch is in the 0 position (off), then the power switch on the front of the box will do nothing.  If there is such a tiny switch on the power supply on the back, turn it on, then off, then on again.  Then power up using the switch on the front of the box.
> If you're still not getting anything to happen, it's time to dig a bit deeper.  Open up the case so that you have access to the cards & internal components.
> First, make sure that the big plugs on the motherboard that come from the power supply are connected.  Disconnect them & then reconnect them.  Try the bootup now.
> Still not working?  Then make sure that the video cable is connected on the back of the box.  Disconnect the video cable, remove the screw holding the video card in place, gently pull out the video card & replace it, then bolt it back in place, then reattach the video cable.  Now try to reboot.
> Still not working, then check the RAM chips/cards.  Make sure that they are properly seated & clipped into place.  There should be some clips on each end of the memory cards.  They should push toward the card center to have the cards positively attached.  They should push out away from the center of the card, and the card should pop up slightly out of the slot.  If you're getting no bytes counting up at boot up, that may be part of the problem.  Push out the clips, remove the cards, then put them back and push the clips back in - do it one-by-one so that you don't get them mixed up (sometimes the chips have to be the same in consecutive slots).  Now try to reboot it.
> David Labens
> San Antonio, TX
> --- On Sun, 8/23/09, Cheryl Holmes <cherylholmes72 at gmail.com> wrote:
> From: Cheryl Holmes <cherylholmes72 at gmail.com>
> Subject: Re: [SATLUG] computer repair shop or
> To: "The San Antonio Linux User's Group Mailing List" <satlug at satlug.org>
> Date: Sunday, August 23, 2009, 7:40 PM
> and I love the config on this new box too!  It's a deam machine for me!  I
> really want to get it up and going for me here.  I know there's nothing
> wrong with the equipment, it's alll new.  I bought new IDE cables for it at
> Altex too...I just can't figure it out ...It would be awesome if someone on
> list would get 'er going.  I could have smeone bring it to them!
> thank you again herb for the awesome machine..sooner or later i will get it
> going...c
> On Sun, Aug 23, 2009 at 4:57 PM, Herb Cee <hc at lookcee.com> wrote:
> > Cheryl Holmes wrote:
> >
> >> thanks for the info...not sure what I can do yet, but if it costs too much
> >> to get thisd one going, I'll have to get one of those cheapy government
> >> ones
> >> in a few months...c
> >>
> >>
> >>
> > Perhaps a solution here would be for someone to pick the box up and take it
> > to the next meeting and get it tuned for Cheryl. The system she is speaking
> > of is an ECS-PT890T-A _v1.0A mobo with intel 3.2 775 (this exact CPU holds
> > the worlds record being overclocked to 8000) it is set on this board at
> > 200x4, it has 4GB of DDR-2 really fast RAM and an reg IDE 60gig HD, the
> > graphics is the PCI-express Nivida (8200 I think) and the HD had Ubuntu
> > 8.04. I installed on that rig before I shipped it to Cheryl. It is
> > lightening fast and I had a clear as a bell screen. I had it running here
> > for 3 days and nights and I upgraded the CD install with over 350 upgrades,
> > So it had a burnin working flawlessly.  Her problem is she cannot see and
> > has something honked. It is a really hot box, Would be a perfect box for
> > Cheryl.
> > Herb
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