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On Wed, 2009-08-19 at 03:26 -0500, Christopher Lemire wrote:
> I've created this blog for both the beginner and the advanced users.
> Vote on what you'd like to see to let your opinion be known. There's
> only one day left for voting. The Blog link is in my signature.
> Thanks.
> http://linuxinnovations.blogspot.com/

My recommendations:
    1. Change the wallpaper. As much as I sympathize with squashing
       windows like an oddly-colored moth, if you wish to appeal to
       beginners ( and a much more broad audience at large ) who don't
       necessarily hate windows, then the wallpaper should go.
             * Try using a crystalTux variant or something... perhaps
               paired with some terminal output (my vision says
               crystaltux fixed on the bottom right, w/ terminal output
               in top left).
    2. Use a backing color behind your main text body (i.e. the blog
       posts) to make them more readable.
             * My thought... either go with a darker font, and use a
               mostly opaque (maybe ~90-95%) white back for it (to let
               some if the background bleed through), or
             * keep your current text and apply a black
               background(~70-85% opaque?) to the blog stuff. That way
               you keep your pretty background see-able on the whole
               page, and still enhance readability.
             * If you want a better idea of what i'm talking about, or
               you'd like me to drum up a demo of some kind...lemme
               know, and i'd be happy to do some artwork/CSS :)

Other than that...awesome. I've added it to my bookmarks!

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