[SATLUG] RAID5 Recovery - ddrescue 3rd round

David Labens adlabens at swbell.net
Mon Aug 24 17:45:12 CDT 2009

I have physically (not electronically) removed the suspect drive from the computer - it is now laying upside down on the workbench next to the computer with the cables still connected.  I've re-issued the command, and as of 5:42 pm it has started.

root at RCH-SERVER:/# ddrescue --max-retries=3 /dev/sdb /dev/sda resclog1

Press Ctrl-C to interrupt
Initial status (read from logfile)
rescued:   250058 MB,  errsize:    442 kB,  errors:     864
Current status
rescued:   250058 MB,  errsize:    442 kB,  current rate:        0 B/s
   ipos:     8545 MB,   errors:     864,    average rate:        0 B/s
   opos:     8545 MB
Copying bad blocks... Retry 1

(5:42 pm)

David Labens

San Antonio, TX

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