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Christopher Lemire christopher.lemire at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 16:22:44 CDT 2009

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 I liked all the things about the Onion Router already said. I will
add some things:
    1. latest tor source code is moved to git repo:
    2. Opera browser is known to have a bug in its proxy settings that
might compromise anonymity for users especially visiting a site whose
admin knows how to exploit that opera bug...
    3. Using tor is fine, running tor NON exit node is fine, probably
running a tor bridge relay is fine too, but my dream was to have a tor
exit node - and because of running it I got banned from freenode.net
irc network. Why? - freenode restrict tor users access to their
network - due to abuse cases which are known to stem from tor users.
They've set up 2 ways for tor users to enter freenode. Described at:
    But what actually is going on: the first so called tor public irc
server (mejokbp2brhw4omd.onion) is blocked too - they do not mention
it on their website but advertise it as being functional. And method 2
remains - messing around public keys and that sort of things - imagine
average windows user faces this just to access irc ...
    So if u run a tor relay or want to enter freenode from tor - u got
pretty much ... censored by FREEnode.
    What is more - freenode try to be as open as possible to the world
and somehow they act against that - censoring tor access to their
service. What is that again Free node? or - free? nope!!! :) Tor is
not illegal but on freenode it is not welcome - not anymore.
    One more thing about that kind of banning policy - it is a bad
example - bad , because if more internet places start using that type
of ... "censorship" - tor or anything resembling it might be rendered
to completely useless state. Freenode has proven quality of service.
Probably they are right banning tor users but .... what happens when a
first day tor user gets banned for having done nothing wrong - he may
be turned away from tor (if stupid enough) or just forgets about
freenode (or other net service banning him for tor). Either way -
nothing positive is contributed for anyone. Cheers, keep torifying the
apps :)

This is by my friend Ivan aka ivangotoy as requested that this issue
by addressed among the Linux Community.

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