[SATLUG] RAID5 Recovery - Reassembly Commencing!

David Labens adlabens at swbell.net
Wed Aug 26 22:47:06 CDT 2009

root at RCH-SERVER:/# aptitude show mdadm
Package: mdadm
State: installed
Automatically installed: no
Version: 2.6.7-3ubuntu8
Priority: optional
Section: admin
Maintainer: Ubuntu Core Developers <ubuntu-devel-discuss at lists.ubuntu.com>
Uncompressed Size: 655k
Depends: libc6 (>= 2.8~20080505), debconf (>= 1.4.72), lsb-base (>= 3.1-6), udev
         (>= 113-0ubuntu1), initramfs-tools (>= 0.85eubuntu24)
Recommends: mail-transport-agent, module-init-tools
Conflicts: mdctl (< 0.7.2), raidtools2 (< 1.00.3-12.1)
Replaces: mdctl
Description: tool to administer Linux MD arrays (software RAID)
 The mdadm utility can be used to create, manage, and monitor MD (multi-disk)
 arrays for software RAID or multipath I/O.

 This package automatically configures mdadm to assemble arrays during the
 system startup process. If not needed, this functionality can be disabled.
Homepage: http://neil.brown.name/blog/mdadm

root at RCH-SERVER:/#

---> Looks like downloading & assembling an older version might work?  I've not done any assembly work since 1977-78, so I'm a WEEE bit rusty on it! ;+)

David Labens

San Antonio, TX

--- On Wed, 8/26/09, Samuel Leon <satlug at net153.net> wrote:

From: Samuel Leon <satlug at net153.net>
Subject: Re: [SATLUG] RAID5 Recovery - Reassembly Commencing!
To: "The San Antonio Linux User's Group Mailing List" <satlug at satlug.org>
Date: Wednesday, August 26, 2009, 10:44 PM

This might be a better way:
aptitude show mdadm


David Labens wrote:
> root at RCH-SERVER:/# mdadm -V
> mdadm - v2.6.7 - 6th June 2008
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