Samuel Leon satlug at net153.net
Thu Aug 27 23:27:54 CDT 2009

David Labens wrote:
> I am MOST PLEASED to announce that our data is back online.  I do not know WHAT we lost, I may NEVER know, but at least 99.99% of it is back online!!!
> I owe a HUGE debt of gratitude (& at least a meal to be named later) to both (in no particular order) Don Wright and Sam Leon.  Those two guys went WAY above & beyond the call of duty, even working with me until midnight last night when I know I would have rather been with my family.  But, they stuck with me through the thick of it, answering EVERY SINGLE QUESTION I had (at least once!), and walked me through the entire process.  They made it EASY!!!  Thank you, guys!
> And, I appreciate, now more than ever, the presence of SATLUG.  Y'all came through for me when the more "conventional" online forums (ubuntuforums.org and linuxquestions.org) did not.  This surprised me as I'd had good luck with them before.  But, SATLUG came through in & with flying colors.  I am amazed.
> Now, it's time to consider another margarita, and a shower, and backup routines!!!
> Thank you VERY much!
> David Labens

Heh, I enjoyed it.  I have a raid5 set up on my desktop because I was 
lucky enough to have someone give me 2 free 500 gb drives, plus I 
already had a 500gb drive in my desktop.  I always want to make sure 
that I have my knowledge up to date just in case I were ever to have a 
major problem.  This was kind of like a game of chess with 2 weeks of 

Yea there is no telling what will happen to a file that has a few bits 
missing in it.  If it is an executable file, it would be bad.  But just 
image and video files I am not sure one would even notice. Maybe a small 
blip in a video or a discolored area in an image? Worse case would be 
not being able to open the file...

I mentioned rsnapshot for backups and attached my conf file in one of 
these emails (not sure which one).  That is what I use.

As far as getting your email for mdadm working right that is a whole 
nother world.

First off, see if you have a file called "mbox" in /root. On unix 
systems many programs communicate by sending emails to root.  You can 
email any user by default as long as they are all local (on the same 
machine).  And to my knowledge all these emails go into a file called 
"mbox" in the user's directory.  The default program in ubuntu that 
handles all these emails is exim4 I think.  It is the MTA, mail transfer 
agent (or smtp server).

If you do have the mbox file in /root open it and search for "mdadm" and 
you will probably find where it first emailed you about the raid failure 
many months ago ;)

 From there I would start another thread called "Forwarding root email" 
or something like that and hopefully some more people will know about 
this.  I run my own email server so I don't really have to worry about 
many things.  You are just wanting to forward your email to an outside 
server.  That might involve going to http://www.dyndns.com/ and making 
your own domain name (for free) and/or finding out if your isp offers 
you their own email servers to relay off of. Most public email servers 
(hotmail, gmail,yahoo,etc) will block emails from dynamic ip ranges. 
There are ways around it though.

It is a pretty big topic.  This is one way: 
http://www.manu-j.com/blog/wordpress-exim4-ubuntu-gmail-smtp/75/ but I 
think there are simpler ways. I wouldn't worry about it yet. Lets see 
what the list has to say.  I will be out of town the weekend.


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