[SATLUG] computer show and highway closure

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Aug 28 06:44:13 CDT 2009

Cheryl Holmes wrote:
> And I meant 1604 West NOT East..sorry...
> I thought there was an access rd since I have been on what I thought was an
> access rd when leaving HEB on Kitty Hawk getting up to 1604...both sides of
> 1604...other side by the lumber yard too.  Are those just very long double
> laned entrance/exit ramps or fronyage roads?  

The access road going NW from Kitty Hawk terminated about 100 yards after the on 
ramp at Coronado Blvd.  There is a full access road on the South side from Pat 
Booker to Kitty Hawk.

I remeber getting off on Pat
> Bppler on the East bound side which may have not been marked and staying on
> the frontage road past it to go to the bank, then following the same road
> and turning left onto Kitty Hawk.  Sorry if I am wrong...

No, that part's right.

> I don't think there are any fontage roads from Kitty Hawk down to FM 78 on
> 1604 tho.


> At any rate the highway closure is going to make it a mess coming into SA
> and trying to get around from the NE side.  It's brutal over here in
> Schertz...

I'm really not sure what closure you are referring to.


The closures look like the time is 2200 (10 PM) to 0500 (5 AM).

   -- Bruce

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