Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Fri Aug 28 07:26:47 CDT 2009

Daniel Villarreal wrote:
>  Is your BIOS up-to-date ?

One thing I've never understood is the issue of updating a BIOS.  I've never 
done it and I've never needed it.  The only thing that it does is load the boot 
loader (e.g. grub or lilo).  It only has to recognize the keyboard (not mouse), 
  raw disk access, and VGA screen.  Anything else is eye-candy.

The Linux kernel completely ignores the BIOS once it starts.

The only thing I can imagine where a BIOS update is needed is if there is new 
hardware added such as a new disk drive type. A standard IDE or SATA disk drive 
would not need it unless you were trying to boot off a new disk interface card. 
  Since most of that has been installed on the motherboard for the past several 
years, BIOS should not be an issue.

   -- Bruce

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