[SATLUG] Virtual server

James Tiner jtiner at satx.rr.com
Sun Aug 30 22:10:52 CDT 2009

Hey Doug,

I thought we had the email piece all working. Was there a problem?

James Tiner

On Wed, 2009-08-26 at 13:48 -0500, Doug wrote:
> I want to know if anyone has had experience with setting up a virtual 
> server.
> I have a HP EX series box, witth dual AMD64-quad processors, 8 GB RAM and a 
> 1.5 TB hard drive.
> I have the following software licensed to me.
> Ubuntu server with postfix as a SMTP mail server.  (this can be changed to a 
> different package if it will support KDE as a graphical interface, which 
> Ubuntu will not.)
> Windows Exchange server 2007
> Windows SQL server 2007
> Windows Server 2008 Enterprise with Hyper-V
> ColdFusion Server 8
> I need assistance to set this machine up where I can access it remotely and 
> administer all the servers that are running.
> The Goal is to receive mail on the Postfix server, scrub for virus and spam 
> then forward it to the exchange server which will be used for POP3 for the 
> clients to access their email.  The Win Server and the SQL Database will 
> support web sites using PHP, JAVA, ColdFusion, etc.  I have been told this 
> can be done, but I am a real newbie at this, and would be willing to pay 
> someone who has the knowledge and expertise in setting up new systems.  As 
> for editing the pearl scripts for filtering, etc, I can do that.
> Secondly I am looking for an Experienced (or beginner) web developer to 
> create one 8 page web site for me, using SQL server as the database.
> If you can help, please reply off list, and we will arrange for it to get 
> done.
> I will be utilizing a T-1 line supplied by NewEdge Networks.
> Doug White
> Whitedoghosting 

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