[SATLUG] apache for windows

Rupinder Binepal binepal at binepal.com
Mon Aug 31 15:31:14 CDT 2009

Jeremy & Doug
you are correct, if i was running win env. all the time . But i do not  
have control on it
as my user may or may not have windows. So i decided to create a  
virtualbox and hand over
vdi to customer with pre configured Linux running wine and install  
free apache for
windows in the vm guest linux ,make configurations for the custom  
windows program with
apache, and not worry about the end user env.
so what i am looking for is the setups for apache via wine, i am able  
to install wine on
linux, but am not able to configure apache msi so that i can run a web  
server via vm.
i hope i am not making water more muddy with all this explanation.

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