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Ernest De Leon edeleonjr at gmail.com
Mon Aug 31 15:57:49 CDT 2009

I've been following this thread for a little bit now, and even I am
confused. It seems like you will have a Linux server in which you want to
create a VM (in xVM/VB) to give 'full control' of that VM to a client.
Within that VM you want to install Linux as the base OS, then use WINE to
run a Windows version of Apache. Then you mention a custom windows program.

Here is where I am not following. I understand your want to setup a vDed
server and all that, but why use a windows version of Apache within a wine
environment? Why not just install the Linux version? Does it have something
to do with this custom Windows app? I would either run the native Linux
version of Apache in the Linux VM, or just make a Windows VM and install the
Windows port of Apache in there.

Running applications via WINE is sketchy at best, and I would never run a
'server' app inside of wine. I do, however, dole out vDed instances for my
friends off of my home server which are also Virtual Box VMs. I think what
you are trying to do is drop this Windows version of Apache and this custom
app into WINE so that you can administrate via Linux instead of Windows?
This is super kludge-y [sic] not to mention that tracking down issues within
this stack will be ridiculous. It also seems like it would be very unstable.

Aside from all that, I wouldn't think the Windows port of Apache would work
well in WINE (if at all) because of the super basic implementation of the
Windows API. If one single system call doesn't exist, your entire
installation is toast.

On Mon, Aug 31, 2009 at 3:31 PM, Rupinder Binepal <binepal at binepal.com>wrote:

> Jeremy & Doug
> you are correct, if i was running win env. all the time . But i do not have
> control on it
> as my user may or may not have windows. So i decided to create a virtualbox
> and hand over
> vdi to customer with pre configured Linux running wine and install free
> apache for
> windows in the vm guest linux ,make configurations for the custom windows
> program with
> apache, and not worry about the end user env.
> so what i am looking for is the setups for apache via wine, i am able to
> install wine on
> linux, but am not able to configure apache msi so that i can run a web
> server via vm.
> i hope i am not making water more muddy with all this explanation.
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