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Charles D. Hogan cd_satl at futuretechsolutions.com
Thu Dec 3 01:09:05 CST 2009

Similar here.  Though nowhere near retired, (or semi-retired for that  
matter), I have mostly gotten out of all tech as an occupation and  
moved back into kitchens and cooking, where my true passion is, to  
earn my keep.  I got tired of the work following me home, and the  
migraines, (not necessarily in that order).  My tech clients, all 3~4  
of them, know that the servers, websites, and databases are sideline  
gigs and why.  While my wallet misses the few $1000.00+ days we once  
had servicing oil tankers while they were in port, (the stories I  
could tell*), my bed and my cats are perfectly content for me not to  
be sleeping 20+ hours just to get over one day.  In 5 years or so, I  
will have my own restaurant AND the POS will be of either my  
programming or design, I just have to find the CPA willing to jump  
into OSS with me.

* Yes, the captain said all outlets on that wall were 120V, the chief  
engineer was there as witness.  I still don't know what profanities  
spewed from my mouth as the power supply blew up in flames.  That one  
outlet was fscking 240V.  Fortunately, the power supply valiantly gave  
it's life to save the brand new machine just plugged in.

Quoting Bruce Dubbs <bruce.dubbs at gmail.com>:

> Robert Pearson wrote:
>> How do you handle getting to email stored on your local machine when
>> you are out of town?
> I don't try.  I'm semi-retired.  If I did want to do that I'd use IMAP.
>   -- Bruce
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