[SATLUG] turning off yahoo messenger

Jesse C jc78244 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 4 16:47:52 CST 2009

Try signing out of yahoo messenger from within yahoo mail (new
interface).  On my e-mail I have 2 locations for messenger: on the
left for contacts and on the top for status.  Pull down the arrow for
status and mark yourself as offline.  This will hide the contacts
list.  Yahoo mail does have tabs also but for chat this only appears
when someone messages me.
For classic, you can again select offline to hide most of it or select
"hide" to again hide most of it.  You can also try using the
stripped-down mobile interface.
You can also try the "Nuke Anything" plugin for Firefox to remove
nearly anything from a webpage.
Hope this helps.

-Jesse C

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