[SATLUG] [OT] Moving to SA

Daniel J. Givens daniel at rugmonster.org
Sun Dec 6 12:55:49 CST 2009

After living in Austin for the past (almost) two years, my wife and I 
have decided to move to SA to be closer to our family. It's amazing how 
having a kid makes you realize how having family near is important.

I'm going to be starting my new job on 4 Jan, so we're in a bit of a 
crunch to find a place to live. I was wondering if anyone had any 
suggestions on realtors that do rental properties. We're wanting to rent 
a house (3 brd/2 bath), in the north part of town, south of 1604. We 
would really like to be in a neighborhood of younger families with young 

The in-laws are near Shavano Park and I'll be working at Windsor Park 
Mall (or The Castle as we like to call it at Rackspace), so we would 
like to be somewhere in between. Ideally, no more than 20 minutes in 
either direction outside of normal heavy traffic times. If you know of 
any places that are available to rent or areas we should look, I would 
really appreciate your feedback.

Also, anyone have recommendations for reliable and reasonably priced 
movers to help us just load boxes/furniture on/off a truck? My wife is a 
disabled vet that has lifting restrictions... nevermind the kid. :P

Thanks in advanced!

Daniel Givens

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