[SATLUG] Scalix, Open-Xchange or "other" ?

KC kcoriginal at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 7 00:23:42 CST 2009

Well folks,

The last time I had my servers runnin', I had got Scalix 11 runnin' nice. I really liked it. My lady and I have WinMo phones and I liked utilizing its features, with out using M$ Exchange.

I was fixin' to re-setup a Scalix server to resurrect the phone-functionality, this evening, when I came across Open-Xchange.

Anyone used any of these solutions?

It is mainly for home use, so it has to be free as in beer.

Also, I really wanna cluster these 4 identical Intel P3-1000s I have laying around. And since all Exchange-clone-ware uses moxie, I was hoping to cut-teeth on that. So, Scalix would be out, if I DO go cluster. Depends on O-X, or any other solution that I am missing.

Is Open-X free (as in beer) to cluster?

Any other good alternatives?

Need to get that whole Exchange group calendar experience, with a webmail interface to hook the WinMos to.

Anyone have any experience with any of this?

Thanks, twice in one night, in advance!


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