[SATLUG] [OT] Moving to SA

michael rice michael at michaelrice.org
Wed Dec 9 12:01:07 CST 2009

We hired 1/2 price movers to unload our U-Haul when we moved to our new 
house a couple months ago.

Daniel J. Givens wrote:
> After living in Austin for the past (almost) two years, my wife and I 
> have decided to move to SA to be closer to our family. It's amazing 
> how having a kid makes you realize how having family near is important.
> I'm going to be starting my new job on 4 Jan, so we're in a bit of a 
> crunch to find a place to live. I was wondering if anyone had any 
> suggestions on realtors that do rental properties. We're wanting to 
> rent a house (3 brd/2 bath), in the north part of town, south of 1604. 
> We would really like to be in a neighborhood of younger families with 
> young children.
> The in-laws are near Shavano Park and I'll be working at Windsor Park 
> Mall (or The Castle as we like to call it at Rackspace), so we would 
> like to be somewhere in between. Ideally, no more than 20 minutes in 
> either direction outside of normal heavy traffic times. If you know of 
> any places that are available to rent or areas we should look, I would 
> really appreciate your feedback.
> Also, anyone have recommendations for reliable and reasonably priced 
> movers to help us just load boxes/furniture on/off a truck? My wife is 
> a disabled vet that has lifting restrictions... nevermind the kid. :P
> Thanks in advanced!
> -- 
> Daniel Givens

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