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I found the HP to be the most solid and comfortable-feeling keyboard yet, amongst all the small sub, sub, sub-notebooks/netbooks.  HP has been producing tiny computers for a long time. I'm sure their engineers let out a collective (sigh) and a forehead slap when the market finally went ga-ga for the tiny computers. LOL

Also, my lady has the Dell 12 inch and it's very cool... BUT if you even MENTION keyboard in your requirements, then stay away from Dell's Mini(s), the 9 AND the 12 will drive you mad! The 9 has key re-arrangements and the 12 has a better layout but the keys are frustratingly too small. They are big enough that you WANT to "go to town" like you are on a full-size, but then you start to throwing it across the room...  (Well, they ARE durable!)

I give an honorable mention to the Acer One. It's just plain got a nice feel. But, I'd say it feels like silver, the HP feels like GOLD and all the others feel like coal in my stocking.

Give the sub-notebook suggestion some thought, but those are going to be 2-8 time the cost of a netbook. Remember, the netbooks are GUTTED.

I feel the HP was least-gutted... If you will. It just really feels solid all around.

Good luck! Hope you like whichever one you chose!

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On Dec 10, 2009, at 1:21 AM, Lamont Doss <lamont_doss at satx.rr.com>  

> Im looking into purchasing a netbook.
> My requirements include a standard sized keyboard, high-resolution  
> display, and Linux (openSuse) friendly.
> Suggestions?--

Sounds more like you want a subnotebook.

I believe the Dells have the highest possible screen resolution. As  
for keyboards, you aren't going to find a standard sized keyboard. I  
have a MSI Wind U100 and it's keyboard is close, but not quite and it  
has a 10" screen.

That said, my Wind is awesome. It's been an absolute dream, but don't  
expect a whole lot out of any of the netbooks. Flash and full screen  
video can be pretty terrible, but for browsing/mail/terminal needs,  
it's fantastic. 
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