[SATLUG] Use command continued... Problem solved

John D Choate jdchoate at gmail.com
Sun Dec 13 17:41:22 CST 2009

On Sunday 13 December 2009 17:02:04 Don Wright wrote:
> John Choate wrote:
> >Does anyone know what package would provide the 'use' command?
> In a script that might be Perl. (I don't use it but Google is sometimes
> kind.) The first line of the script should identify the interpreter the
> script expects. Do you have something like
>   #!/usr/bin/perl
> as the first line?
> Posting the first line of the failing script and a few lines around the
> failing 'use' line might help narrow it down. Other candidates include
> SQL database queries or (less likely) 'NET USE' originally from Novell
> Netware.  --Don

Problem solved. I won't provide details, but the problem was user error and nothing more.

John C.

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