[SATLUG] Introduction

dennis at myediscounts.com dennis at myediscounts.com
Fri Dec 18 17:27:38 CST 2009

Hello everyone, I just found out about SATLUG and joined up yesterday. 
I've played around with Unix/Linux for a few years now and always wanted
to try out new ideas with people.  I run Ubuntu, CentOS5.3 and every so
often I'll load up a SUSE server just for giggles.

I'm trying to learn LISP currently and finding it pretty interesting, I
setup a IBM eServer 366 with two Xeon 64-bit processors running at 3.2GHZ
to develop on.  My next project will be a Dell 8460 with 8 Xeon
processors.  We get a ton of servers in at work so I get my pick to play
around with.

I work over at Corona Visions and My E Discounts and have been there for
about 8 months.  I look forward to meeting all that show up to the next

Dennis Norwood

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