[SATLUG] Howdy

Miguel Guhlin mguhlin at gmail.com
Fri Dec 18 19:11:59 CST 2009

Well, in the spirit of that last introduction, howdy! My name is Miguel
Guhlin and I started my GNU/Linux journey about 2-3 years ago with
UbuntuLinux on an old Mac! From there, I've tried a wide variety of distros
like SimplyMepis, RedHat, PCLinuxOS, and, of course, Ubuntu. My current
systems run Ubuntu Karmic Koala, Linux Mint (based on ubuntu), and that's
basically it for now. You can find out more about me online at
http://mguhlin.net (writings) and http://mguhlin.org (blog).

Thanks to all the great info available via Google, the journey in using
GNU/Linux has been pretty straightforward, if not occasionally frustrating,
in trying to find the right answer. I never imagined a San Antonio Linux
Users Group...sigh.

Some items that may be of interest and are shared under Creative Commons
Copyright (ShareAlike-NC-Attribution):

Moodle Stuff - http://mguhlin.net/moodle
UbuntuLinux - http://www.mguhlin.org/search/label/UbuntuLinux

Glad to meet you all,

Miguel Guhlin
Email - mguhlin at gmail.com
Blog: http://mguhlin.org
Portfolio: http://mguhlin.net

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