[SATLUG] Call for a January Presentation

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Sat Dec 19 22:15:00 CST 2009

Howard Haradon wrote:
> Hello to All,  we need some kind of program or presentation
> for the Jan. meeting.  Please post ideas here of contact me
> at the above email.
> Possibilities:
>  *  Someone familiar with Gimp could demo 4-5 typical Gimp
>      projects
>  *  A detailed how-to presentation on making a Gentoo install
>  *  How-to presentation on how the gcc compiler works and
>     how to use various commands, what needs to be installed

Since the Open Source Fest is January 6-9 and the SATLUG meeting is 
currently scheduled for Jan 14, I'd suggest cancelling the meeting for 

I'd be willing to give a presentation on GRUB2 in February.

   -- Bruce

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