[SATLUG] Corona Visions / My E Discounts

Herb Cee hc at lookcee.com
Sun Dec 20 19:56:32 CST 2009

dennis at myediscounts.com wrote:
> We do most of our sales off our ebay store.  We are looking into getting
> our websites back up but things have been hectic and I havent had any time
> to look at them.  I may end up hiring that out to someone else.
>> So, Dennis,
>> I looked up both companies and don't see much web-presence.... do they
>> list on e-Bay, or have a store front?
>> kc

Hi Dennis,

I looked too and found almost no information on the Sites.  I also can't 
find either Co doing Ebay search either. Would you please post your ebay 
store ID.  Frankly you appear to not be in much operation yet. Are you a 
new startup? Are you a non-profit? Are you a NGO? What do you intend to 
put Linux (whatever distro) to use. I am tailoring Ubuntu to use for 
general business back office and for Shop/plant floor loading and 
inventory control. So I am interested and involved from that aspect.  I 
also buy all of my puter stuff from ebay sellers.

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