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dennis at myediscounts.com dennis at myediscounts.com
Sun Dec 20 21:28:23 CST 2009

I've recently taken over all the IT and repair work here and I'm trying to
get everything up and running as quickly as I can.  Corona Visions has
been in business for over 13 years and My E Discounts about two.  The
store URL is


I've just hired someone last month to turn around the ebay store and he is
doing a great job, in less than a month he has gotten us Silver Power
seller and that was with just a fraction of the product that we actually
have to offer.  We are working to get our web sites up to par, but given
the current resources it has taken longer than I like.

We will be at the next computer show in Jan, and hopefully our new My E
Discount site will be open to the public, it has been a private site for
one of our clients and now we will offer it to all.

> dennis at myediscounts.com wrote:
>> We do most of our sales off our ebay store.  We are looking into getting
>> our websites back up but things have been hectic and I havent had any
>> time
>> to look at them.  I may end up hiring that out to someone else.
>>> So, Dennis,
>>> I looked up both companies and don't see much web-presence.... do they
>>> list on e-Bay, or have a store front?
>>> kc
> Hi Dennis,
> I looked too and found almost no information on the Sites.  I also can't
> find either Co doing Ebay search either. Would you please post your ebay
> store ID.  Frankly you appear to not be in much operation yet. Are you a
> new startup? Are you a non-profit? Are you a NGO? What do you intend to
> put Linux (whatever distro) to use. I am tailoring Ubuntu to use for
> general business back office and for Shop/plant floor loading and
> inventory control. So I am interested and involved from that aspect.  I
> also buy all of my puter stuff from ebay sellers.
> hh
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