[SATLUG] Deleting files

Geoff geofff at w5omr.shacknet.nu
Thu Dec 24 06:30:21 CST 2009

First off, Merry Christmas, everyone.  Safe holiday travels, if you
intend to do so.

2nd, I'm a Ham Radio operator.  I've recently gotten active in APRS
(Automatic Position Reporting System) via ham radio.

Xastir (as far as I can tell) is the only Native Linux APRS
client/tracking software package available.

I found a whole BUNCH of maps, but after lots of research and
conversation with other hams, I'm finding that there are -many- files
that are simply redundant and more than that, they're not necessary.

The directory structure of the maps is broken down by states, and
counties for each state.

all directories contain .shp files (shape). 

linux:/usr/share/xastir/maps/TIGER2008/48_TEXAS # ls *.shp
tl_2008_48_bg00.shp      tl_2008_48_cousub.shp   
tl_2008_48_placeec.shp  tl_2008_48_tabblock.shp
tl_2008_48_cd108.shp     tl_2008_48_cousub00.shp 
tl_2008_48_puma100.shp  tl_2008_48_tabblock00.shp
tl_2008_48_cd110.shp     tl_2008_48_elsd.shp     
tl_2008_48_puma500.shp  tl_2008_48_tract00.shp
tl_2008_48_county.shp    tl_2008_48_elsd00.shp   
tl_2008_48_scsd.shp     tl_2008_48_unsd.shp
tl_2008_48_county00.shp  tl_2008_48_place.shp    
tl_2008_48_sldl.shp     tl_2008_48_unsd00.shp
tl_2008_48_countyec.shp  tl_2008_48_place00.shp   tl_2008_48_sldu.shp

All I need are

The question is:
How do I go to the root of the maps dir, and tell it
rm -r *.shp except pointlm, tabblock00, vid00

is it that easy?  rm --help wasn't that helpful.
Man rm didn't answer my questions, either.


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