[SATLUG] HEB POS systems use Linux - Judson ISD

Don Davis dondavis at reglue.org
Sun Dec 27 07:59:58 CST 2009

Nate wrote:
> On 12/26/09 3:37 PM, Miguel Guhlin wrote:
>> The unencrypted message was that RedHatLinux is rumored to run on HEB
>> checkout machines. Too bad local schools don't follow suit, using 
>> GNU/Linux
>> on the desktop to lower costs.
>> Anyone supporting local GNU/Linux installs in schools in San Antonio?

I was trying to remember a school in San Antonio that was using diskless 
workstations as part of a 'green' initiative.

The school district is Judson ISD as part of their green initiative: 

I contacted them to discuss their experiences and received no reply. If 
anyone does contact them or has contact to someone from Judson ISD, I 
would like to speak with them. I will be presenting a talk at TCEA on 
how LTSP can save schools money. I would like a few more first hand 
accounts running thin clients.

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