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Have you seen Steve Young (Judson ISD CTO) presentation?

Also, don't know if you are aware of the Computer Lending Pilot...

The Commissioner of Education shall establish a computer lending pilot
program to provide computers to participating public schools that make
computers available for use by students and their parents.
Any surplus or salvage data processing equipment available for distribution
under the pilot program
Eligible schools:
50% or more of students enrolled in the school are educationally
computer lending program:
allows students and parents to borrow a computer
option to own
provides computer training for students and parents
operates outside of regular school hours, including operation until at least
7 pm on at least 3 days each week
Source: Anita Givens Presentation at TxCTO2009

Anyways, there are challenges in encouraging folks to transition from MS
Windows to a GNU/Linux desktop. One of the biggest one is Pearson's TestNAV,
the software used to assess students as part of online high stakes
testing...it requires Internet Explorer.

More information on thin clients aggregated from Texas Tech Director

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On Sun, Dec 27, 2009 at 7:59 AM, Don Davis <dondavis at reglue.org> wrote:
> Nate wrote:
>> On 12/26/09 3:37 PM, Miguel Guhlin wrote:
>>> The unencrypted message was that RedHatLinux is rumored to run on HEB
>>> checkout machines. Too bad local schools don't follow suit, using
>>> GNU/Linux
>>> on the desktop to lower costs.
>>> Anyone supporting local GNU/Linux installs in schools in San Antonio?
> I was trying to remember a school in San Antonio that was using diskless
> workstations as part of a 'green' initiative.
> The school district is Judson ISD as part of their green initiative:
> I contacted them to discuss their experiences and received no reply. If
> anyone does contact them or has contact to someone from Judson ISD, I
> like to speak with them. I will be presenting a talk at TCEA on how LTSP
> save schools money. I would like a few more first hand accounts running
> clients.
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