[SATLUG] HEB POS systems use Linux - Judson ISD

Don Davis dondavis at reglue.org
Sun Dec 27 11:42:24 CST 2009

Miguel Guhlin wrote:
> Don:
> Have you seen Steve Young (Judson ISD CTO) presentation?
> http://mguhlin.net/notes_txcto09_day1#toc2

No, I haven't. I'll take a look.
> Also, don't know if you are aware of the Computer Lending Pilot...
I read the info and the corresponding post. I don't feel that I know 
much more about it. How will it be implemented? Where? Is anyone 
implementing it? What should I know about it?

I also noticed the notes and HB 2488 and Open Source Textbooks. It 
sounds promising; though it seems they plan to implement more rigid 
requirements for open source text books than print text books. (That's 
looking at the language they use -- who knows how it will work out in 
the wash?)
> Anyways, there are challenges in encouraging folks to transition from MS
> Windows to a GNU/Linux desktop. One of the biggest one is Pearson's TestNAV,
> the software used to assess students as part of online high stakes
> testing...it requires Internet Explorer.

It mentions that the test can be administered from a fileserver. I also 
notice that it's available for Macs. If it's Mac runnable, there's a 
good chance it's runnable via Linux. Is it a genuine IE dependency (e.g. 
Active X) or a misleading browser 'requirement'?
What about the IE under Wine browser? 

Thank you for the info. I'll definitely make use of it.
Miguel - I'll probably write you off list to bounce some ideas about the 
LTSP presentation. I know many people knowledgeable in Linux and many 
from Education but few who know about both. Thanks again.

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