[SATLUG] Web Site

Todd W. Bucy toddwbucy at grandecom.net
Wed Dec 30 09:58:48 CST 2009

dennis at myediscounts.com wrote:
> I got our new website up and running at www.myediscounts.com please check
> it out and give me any feedback, just remember I'm a newbie in websites. 
> If you have a favorite link you would like added send it to me and I'll
> see what I can do.  If you are near exit 160 of of IH35 feel free to stop
> on by.
> Also I am going back to school hopefully by summer and wanted to know
> which of the SA schools are a good choice in computer programming, I've
> had the basics (Assembly, C++, Fortran) and looking for some advanced C++,
> Java and JavaScript and hopefully an AI language or two.
> Thanks
> Dennis
Nice website.  also checked out your ebay and I am currently drooling 
over your CPM-700.  Looks like it would be fun item to play around with.

also I graduated from UTSA (BA Anthropology) and my wife is currently 
going to Texas A&M SA.  AM is a much smaller school then UTSA and I am 
not sure that they offer any courses in programing.  UTSA has a Comp Sci 
program but from what I have heard they are almost solely focused on 
theory with very little on practical application.  I am currently 
attending SAC, for Network Admin security track (anthropology doesn't 
pay all that well) and the focus in this program is almost exclusively 
on practical application.


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