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Don Wright wrote:
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>> The Times They Are A'Changin
> Thanks for posting those links. The Cloud is a big topic right now, and
> it's important to understand it. However, "this too shall pass."
> History lesson: Once there was a country where the people labored under
> oppressive burdens. The Great Princes heard their cries and came
> together to raise a new champion to erase that burden, and of course
> fill their coffers with new tribute.[1] Bel, the Prince of Talk, Mitt,
> the Prince of Think, and Gec, the Prince of Move[2], directed their
> knights and wizards to build new castles in the midst of the villages,
> where great clockwork devices would perform the deadly tasks of counting
> and remembering for the people. Swift spirits would be conjured to
> convey the questions and answers between the people and the new castles,
> and incorruptible mechanical knights would guard the sanctity of the
> castle. Problems that once took many hours to mull over would be solved
> in a few ticks of the wonderful machines, so they named the new devices
> Mull-Ticks.
> As usual, the Princes began fighting among themselves and very few of
> the castles were built. The merchants said, "Why should we pay you gold
> to replace our clarks who work for copper?" And so the stones crumbled
> into the hills of history -- except the story isn't really over. A few
> of the junior conjurers from Talk, who had worked on the Great
> Mull-Ticks, thought some of the spells had promise, and nicked copies
> for themselves. They quietly built them into a new system of magic which
> we all know and use today. In recognition of their larcenous beginnings,
> these new Prometheans (who had stolen the Fire of the Go.., err Princes)
> called their new system You-Nicks. Its use has spread from the young
> wizards of Talk and Think to the mill-works and counting houses of the
> merchants, and even to the scrying-charms and memory-amulets carried by
> the people.
> Now tell me how this great central Mull-Ticks Castle differs from the
> new, improved Castle in the Fog of today? Be sure to mention Sidekick
> and Gmail (and even AT&T 3G) as shining examples of too-big-to-fail
> technologies.  --Don
> [1] Looking out for number one is true in fairy tales too.
> [2] In the ancient tongue _En-ergia_, and who for a time also ruled
> Far-Seeing-Wide-Throwing, or _Enbec_.

LOL not sure I understood any of that correlation Don but it was fun.

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