[SATLUG] IE websites

Herb Cee hc at lookcee.com
Wed Dec 30 15:14:21 CST 2009

Nate wrote:
> On 12/30/09 2:41 PM, Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>>> Which standard? Every doctype has its own benefits and detriments.
>> Choose one.  I prefer XHTML Strict, but HTML 4.01 Transitional is OK.
>> Frames are ugly.
> I prefer XHTML Transitional so that I can still use target="_new". 
> There is just nothing that is as easy to open a new window with a 
> link. I also found it easier to troubleshoot some IE 6/7 formatting 
> issues.
> ~Nate
Well this has been interesting and i am gonna check those tools out 

Cheryls original complaint has not been addressed and perhaps you guyts 
are forgetting that she has very bad damage to her eyes.  I have some 
damage in mine but not as severe as Cheryl's so let me add that what i 
think her problem is, that in order to see the text, she and I have to 
set the default font at very large in order to read it and the text 
often gets overlaid by an ad box or frame. I believe we are both using 
the 3.0.xx version of FF since both of us are using the Ubun 8.04 LTE 
and allowing the auto updating of the LT supported releases. Currently 
FF is 3.0.16.

To simulate what Cheryl is seeing try setting your forced font size to 
min size of 20 or 24 and i think you will see better what she is 
complaining about . I can find nothing to help but perhaps someone 
understanding the prob can suggest a solution.

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