[SATLUG] IE websites

Bruce Dubbs bruce.dubbs at gmail.com
Wed Dec 30 15:19:43 CST 2009

Herb Cee wrote:

> Cheryls original complaint has not been addressed and perhaps you guyts 
> are forgetting that she has very bad damage to her eyes.  I have some 
> damage in mine but not as severe as Cheryl's so let me add that what i 
> think her problem is, that in order to see the text, she and I have to 
> set the default font at very large in order to read it and the text 
> often gets overlaid by an ad box or frame. I believe we are both using 
> the 3.0.xx version of FF since both of us are using the Ubun 8.04 LTE 
> and allowing the auto updating of the LT supported releases. Currently 
> FF is 3.0.16.
> To simulate what Cheryl is seeing try setting your forced font size to 
> min size of 20 or 24 and i think you will see better what she is 
> complaining about . I can find nothing to help but perhaps someone 
> understanding the prob can suggest a solution.

I'd suggest using adblock to block those irritating flash blocks on the 
screen.  It works for me.

   -- Bruce

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