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I have to "Second" that Zealot remark. Adobe and IE frustrate me to no end, but when you are the righteous fringe you must respect your status. That is why people who pursue change from the righteous fringe are generally conferred upon with Martyrdom-status when they succeed. What you are doing here is trolling the general public with an annoyance as a sideline coward with a perfectly good, yet wasted point... 

Be sure to actually VOTE, too. Merely whining about a situation does no one ANY good...


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Nate wrote:
> On 12/30/09 1:52 PM, Michael wrote:
>> Peter Cross wrote:
>>> are you able to use flash on something that old? lol
>> I would have to guess that the answer is yes since there is a add-on
>> called "flashblock" that I use with the browser.  I find flash a waste
>> of bandwidth.  Porn sites and childish amateurs use all of that flash
>> garbage.  If I ever do come across a site that uses flash and I think I
>> might enjoy, I have the option of enabling flash just for that site.
>> However, I always email the webmaster and let him/her know what I think
>> of flash usage.
> And I am sure that they jump at the opportunity to bend over backwards
> for somebody who refuses to join the web surfing community at large.
> It's fine if you're a zealot and refuse to run modern software on
> principle, just don't expect everyone else to join your crusade.
> Contrary to what you might think, there is a lot you can do with Flash
> that cannot be accomplished with javascript.
Yes, I know.  But as a rule, I don't visit any porn sites.
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