[SATLUG] PCLinuxOS / Thunderbird

Typing on an upside-down keyboard. ovalvw57 at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 31 13:06:48 CST 2009

> From: J. Michael Morse <mmorse757 at gmail.com>

> Does anyone on the list use PCLinuxOS?  I inadvertently hit the wrong
> key while in Synaptic and my email program changed from TB to
> TB 3.something or another.  How do I manipulate Synaptic to show me
>  previous versions of Thunderbird?

I don't think you can downgrade it in Synaptic. At least a search of their forums said it couldn't be done. Personally, I'd uninstall it in Synaptic. Download the older version I wanted directly from mozilla and install that one instead skipping Synaptic entirely.


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