[SATLUG] PCLinuxOS / Thunderbird

Don Wright satlug at sbcglobal.net
Thu Dec 31 13:35:39 CST 2009

Michael wrote:

>Typing on an upside-down keyboard. wrote:

>> I don't think you can downgrade it in Synaptic. At least a search of their
>> forums said it couldn't be done. Personally, I'd uninstall it in Synaptic.
>> Download the older version I wanted directly from mozilla and install that
>> one instead skipping Synaptic entirely.
>Yes, it appears as though that is the route I'll have to take.  However, it 
>has been a while since I did the untar and install routine.    I just don't 
>understand why Synatpic has a "Force Version" option that is greyed out.  
>Wish me luck . . .

Since you have Synaptic, do you have command-line Aptitude? Under Debian
it allows selecting from the versions in any of the repositories

Perhaps you need to enable repositories for other versions in Synaptic
for PCLinuxOS, akin to the oldstable, stable, testing, and unstable
repositories of Debian. Having only one repository could explain why
versions other than 'current' aren't available.  --Don

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