[SATLUG] OT: selling a laptop, wifi card & docking station

David Kowis dkowis at shlrm.org
Mon Feb 2 14:57:28 CST 2009

Quoting "Bruce Dubbs" <bruce.dubbs at gmail.com>:

> David Kowis wrote:
>> I have a Dell Latitude C800 with a docking station, two batteries  
>> and two floppy drives for sale. The floppy drives go in where the  
>> batteries go, so you could wield dual floppies, dual batteries, or  
>> one of each. It comes in a big ol' laptop bag that will very much  
>> keep it padded.
>> I don't really need this laptop any more, so I'm selling it along  
>> with an Atheros pcmcia wifi card. It's a Netgear something or other  
>> but I know it works with madwifi, so it works great in linux. The  
>> laptop is a bit older, but it's got a 1600x1200 screen, and it was  
>> running Source Mage just fine until I wiped the harddrive.
>> Anyways, I haven't had luck selling computer stuff on craigslist,  
>> so I'm going to spam the mailing list :)
>> $125 would be nice, but I'm willing to negotiate a bit.
>> It's all going together, because I don't have any use for the  
>> PCMCIA card, and I don't have any use for the docking station  
>> without the laptop. OH, the docking station is all detected in  
>> linux. So you can utilize the network adaptor on the docking  
>> station as well as the other ports.
> I don't have a need for this, but you don't say what the processor  
> speed, memory size, or hard disk size is.
Oops, no I didn't:
P3 1Ghz
512mb RAM (i think, I'll have to double check)
40GB harddrive

> I do have a C840 that runs both XP (for work :( ) and LFS very well.  
> I also have a madwifi based pcmcia card of the system and it also  
> works great.
> This seems to be a very good deal at $125.

Yep, it's priced to move ;)

David Kowis
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