[SATLUG] RMS coming to town?

Todd W. Bucy toddwbucy at grandecom.net
Sat Feb 7 23:25:02 CST 2009

On Sat, 2009-02-07 at 23:48 -0500, scs at worldlinkisp.com wrote:
> >It would be REAL NICE (yes I am talking to you
> >tweeks) if someone could share some more info about
> >this supposed IEEE/Trintiy talk with RMS.
>   IEEE Members are welcome to attend, Do you qualify?
>   IEEE.org lists member qualifications and how to join.
> >Members of this LUG might just be interested in
> >attending such a talk. He is after all a major 
> >contributor to F/OSS as well as the author of GPL.  
> >Kinda fits with the whole purpose of being a
> >part of a LUG you think and participating with the
> >community...I amsure thats why he gives talks after
> all. 
> >Todd
>    This talk is targeted for a specific professional 
>    audience, and seating is limited.
>    Google is our friend.
>    Lou 

yes google is a friend but it doesn't have all the answers and I found
no information about a talk at trinity university or RMS speaking.  I
was only trying to confirm a rumor when my google searches yielded no
results. What got under my skin was the teasing of information with no
explanation.  It seems a common courtesy that if your going to confirm
such a rumor you apply some sort of context.  But maybe common courtesy
is like common sense...


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